Série DAVE – Système Sono Compact Amplifié 8″ DAVE8ROADIE Ld Systems

PA Ld Systems : Série DAVE - Système Sono Compact Amplifié 8

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PA : Série DAVE - Système Sono Compact Amplifié 8
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With the DAVE 8 Roadie, LD Systems once again stays true to its philosophy „pro audio in motion“. This complete PA system accommodates a generous 350 Watts RMS power amp module and delivers astounding performance in mobile applications. It is equipped of a powerful 8″ Bandpass subwoofer (150 W RMS) and 2 x (4″ + 1″) satellites (2 x 100 W). It was designed especially for musicians for all kinds of mini PA applications.

DAVE 8 Roadie features 3 different inputs which can be used simultaneously. One channel with a XLR/jack-combo connector for dynamic microphones. One with dual RCA for computers or XLR/jack-combo connector for mixing desks or keyboards, and one with stereo 3.5 mm and mono 6.3 mm jack inputs which can be used for either an MP3 player or a guitar – a switch allows you to toggle between the two modes of this channel. The class A/B amplification module integrated in the subwoofer delivers a high output and powers both subwoofer and satellites.

This system features all common protective circuits. The integrated limiter keeps your system safe from an overload and will guarantee a long operational life. On the side of the subwoofer you will find an on/off switch, a 180° phase reverse and a separate subwoofer volume knob allowing you to find the perfect sound balance between crystal clear high tones, punchy mids and powerful bass.

The rugged front grilles and ergonomic handles on both the subwoofer and the satellites underline the roadworthiness of the DAVE 8 Roadie and make it an ideal companion for musicians.

Type: active

Colour: black

Max. SPL (continuous): 117 dB

Max. SPL (peak): 123 dB

Frequency response: 45 – 19000 Hz

Dispersion (H x V): 60° x 60°


Woofer dimensions 8″

Woofer dimensions: 203 mm

Woofer magnet: Ferrite

Woofer brand: Custom made

Woofer voice coil: 1,5″

Woofer voice coil: 38,1 mm

Cabinet construction: Bandpass

Cabinet material: MDF

Cabinet / Housing surface: painted

Subwoofer width: 345 mm

Subwoofer height: 430 mm

Subwoofer depth: 460 mm

Subwoofer features: Limiter, threaded flange M20, handles handles

Subwoofer weight: 20,7 kg

Mid/Hi System

Midrange size: 2 x 4″

Midrange size: 2 x 101,6 mm

Midrange magnet: Ferrite

Midrange brand: Custom made

Midrange voice coil: 1″

Midrange voice coil: 25,4 mm

Horn: radial

Tweeter dimensions: 1 ”

Tweeter dimensions: 25,4 mm

Tweeter magnet: Ferrite

Tweeter brand: Custom made

Tweeter voice coil: 1″

Tweeter voice coil: 25,4 mm

Mid/Hi system impedance: 4 ohms

Loudspeaker inputs: 1

Speaker input connections: Speakon compatible

Mid/Hi system cabinet construction: closed

Mid/Hi system cabinet material: MDF

Mid/Hi system cabinet surface: painted

Mid/Hi system width: 150 mm

Mid/Hi system height: 350 mm

Mid/Hi system depth: 170 mm

Mid/Hi system features: flange, metall front grille, transport handle

Mid/Hi system weight: 4,2 kg

Amplifier Module (integrated in Subwoofer)

Amplifier: Class A/B

Amplifier Output System (RMS): 350 W

Amplifier Output System (Peak): 700 W

Amplifier Output Subwoofer (RMS): 150 W

Amplifier Output Subwoofer (Peak): 300 W

Amplifier Output Mid/Hi (RMS): 100 W

Amplifier Output Mid/Hi (Peak): 200 W

Protection circuits: short circuit, limiter, overload

Cooling: heat sink

Controls: ON/ OFF, Sub Level, Main Level, MP3 / Hi-Z Level, Mic Level, Line Level, input switch (MP3 / Hi-Z), 180° Phase Reverse

Display: Power, Protect

Operating voltage: 220 V AC – 240 V AC

Line inputs: 3

Line input connectors: XLR/ 6,3 mm jack, RCA, microphone, MP3 / Hi-Z

Mic inputs: 1

Mic input connectors: XLR/ 6,3 mm jack

Instrument inputs: 1

Instrument input connectors: 6,3 mm jack

Loudspeaker outputs: 2

Speaker output connections: Speakon compatible

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